Friday, June 25, 2010

What is Up

Well, I have not written in awhile because of laziness and busy-ness. I am currently getting ready to go back to teaching full time. I am not super excited about it but I am working on it. Preston will be passed around from babysitter to babysitter for a couple of months and end up with my sister Jenny when she returns from her mission.
Dallin has been busy with work, window cleaning and taking care of the yard. It seems that every free moment, and there is not a lot, he ends up in the yard, doing something. He is really starting to enjoy it and is excited for the possibility of green grass. Dallin is also full force in boy scouts, in fact, he is camping right now. Summer is a busy season for scouts.
Preston is walk/running all the time. He never stops moving or talking and loves to be outside. Sometimes, I just leave the back door open and he will go in and out as he pleases and cruises on adventures in the yard. Preston is no longer afraid of the grass and will even go out without shoes on. He loves to be in the pool and has even gotten in with his regular clothes on.
Dallin and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary yesterday. We went out to the rodeo and had a grand time. We ate tri-tip sandwiches, cotton candy, funnel cake, lemonade and much more. We also got a wrist band for all the rides. It was fun to get out and enjoy an evening to ourselves. We loved the rodeo performance and the best part, as always, is the little kids mutton-bustin. So cute. We wanted to get Preston some cowboy boots but they were way to expensive, especially since he changes shoe sizes so often. Oh well, maybe when he slows down on the growing thing.
We are living life and trying to keep track of all that is going on around us. We are happy and hope more adventures come our way.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

We have a walker

We have been trying and trying to get Preston to walk. We knew he could do it but for fear or whatever reason, it was a no go. He would walk holding on to things or touching things, like the couch or the wall. Just 2 days ago, he decided he was ready and started walking. Now, it is not a full time thing yet but he is doing his part and doing it well. We are proud of our sweet little guy. Preston is more adventurous now are is even willing to walk in the middle of the kitchen, if he thinks no one is watching. Good work buddy.

Friday, May 7, 2010

It is what it is

So, Preston had a second birthday party, this one was just for friends. Dallin created a fiesta for the little guy. It was fun to have all the friends over in the middle of the day for tacos and friendship. We created a 'Pin the mustache on the hombre" game and Preston looked pretty cute in his sombrero and poncho.

Dallin has been playing church ball the last little bit and enjoys the team but somehow always find a reason why he was the one that made them lose or did poorly even if they won. It is crazy but the tourney starts tomorrow and it will all be over soon enough. He is doing great, making the baskets and losing weight.

We have been working on the yard as the weather warms up but with Reno weather it warms for a day or two then becomes cold again. Hopefully Spring decides to stay before Summer shows up. I wish the best for the flowers I planted last weekend.

Well, my mind has been going CRAZY lately. I was called to Primary President last week and my mind has been thinking and thinking about Primary and all that goes with it. I am glad I have good councilors to help me out.

Oh, so we finally made it to Preston's neurosurgeon appointment this week...he says that everything look fine and the flat head is from the fact that he laid one one side all the time (like I thought). Anyway, he said it will be completely normal by the time he is 5 or 6.

Preston is finally getting his top teeth, good for him but bad for the attitude. AND to top it all off, he woke up with hives yesterday morning, poor little guy is suffering and taking mom and dad along for the ride. That is all that is going on in our lives, we are not exciting but here we are anyway.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Look who's turning UNO!

This weekend we had a birthday party for Preston and Zoey. The theme of the party was UNO or Look who is turning UNO. We had a lot of fun. Here are just some of the pictures of the big event. I did not want to bore you with all of them. We had fun and the babies loved it, boy was it a lot of work. It was worth it for sure.
Zoey loves her cake, especially the frosting.

Preston destroyed his entire cake and loved every second of it.

The after cake bath, also blackmail pictures for when they are older.

Preston opening presents, he got some fun toys, books and cute clothes.

Thank goodness for the warm weather or the house would feel a bit small with 26 people in it.

The fathers

Preston is not happy to be with uncle Mike but we wanted a picture of his UNO shirt.

Our color scheme for the party.

Pin the 1 on the UNO card. Ethan was the big winner, but he shared his prize.

Streamers made from UNO cards.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Our latest adventures in film...

Here I am in the snow, the goggles were part of my Christmas gifts, aren't they hip.

Here is Dallin, the weather will not get him down.

Here we are playing in the snow, Henry was having the best time out of everyone.

Here are the boys, All Henry wants to do is play.

Preston is not so sure about the snow thing. Preston was so warm that he was falling asleep out there, in our backyard.

We just visited Utah and Wyoming over Easter and overall we had a good time. This is Preston and Dallin's official Utah picture in the historic downtown Provo. It was a very exciting moment that needed to be captured on film.

This is Preston on his first Easter Egg Hunt at grandma's house. He and Zoey found eggs that were spread out all over the floor and had a jelly bean prize inside. Yum!

Here is Zoey on her firsr Easter Egg hunt. She had a great time finding the eggs.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Preston's head

Well, it turns out that Preston has a misshapen head. It is not something new but it is finally being resolved. We noticed that Preston's head was flat on the left side when he was 3 or 4 months old. We asked Dr. J about it and he said that we need to wait it out and see if it fixes itself once he becomes more mobile. We think it is because he has had a tendency to lay on that side of his head for everything, sleeping, eating, hangout... Well, we waited it out as instructed and it has gotten better but is still pretty flat on the left side. So, at Preston's 9 month appointment we got a referral to Dr. Rodriguez, the only child neurologist in town. I called to make an appointment and was told, in a not so friendly way, "you don't call us, we call you." So, I called Dr. J's office so they can send the proper paper work so that I can get an appointment for my kid. A month later I still heard nothing back and so I called both doctor's offices again. Dr. J said that they had sent the paper work and Dr. R said that they hadn't got it. Well, eventually Dr. Rodriguez's office called us and we had our appointment yesterday. Only 2 months after the referral was given.
I told Dallin to dress decent because they seemed like snobby people and I didn't want them to get the wrong impression of us. Pathetic, I know but whatever. We got to the office, and everyone was real nice. The doctor was funny and smart and he didn't freak Preston out by being up in his business. As you may know, Preston doesn't do well with strangers or even people he doesn't see that often. So, Dr. Rodriguez gave him space but was still able to look at everything he needed to. The doctor told us that it was one of two things. Either his head growth plates had grown together, and that would mean surgery to fix it OR his skull had not grown together, like they are suppose to be and a helmet would most likely fix the flatness.
The doctor said that he didn't know which one it was and would need more information, he requested a Cat scan to see what is going on in Preston's head. The poor little guy is going to have to be sedated because like any almost 1 year old, he never stops moving. We have to wait a couple days before we get the appointment at the hospital but I am glad we are finally getting things worked out and figured out so that we can move on. This is only part one...part 2 will be what happens with the CT Scan and the results. Stayed tuned...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

That fateful night

So, on Tuesday nights I go to kickboxing at the little hell hole, Achieve Fitness. Anyway, I get into the room and we are warming up as usual and I started to feel sick to my stomach. I thought that this was just a case of eating too fast before I left. So, I just brushed off the feeling and was still working hard. Then a few minutes later my throat started to itch and I was like, what is going on here? Then I look in the mirror and my eyes were super red, like I had been crying, but no tears were coming out. I made a mention of my eye situation to the girl I was working with and she asked if I was OK, of course I blew it off saying I was fine. It just kept on getting worse, now my tongue was starting to swell and my breathing was slightly labored, so I excused my self from the room to see if the front desk had Benadryll. They didn't. I said that I was going to go home and take care of it.
Anyway, on my 15 minute drive home, my right eye started to swell. It was not like I couldn't see or anything it was just uncomfortable. I got home and Dallin had set out 2 Benadryll and water for me on the counter, I took that hoping that this would all be over. Fortunately, the medicine didn't let the symptoms get worse but they did not get any better either. So, after 40 minutes of being at home, Dallin forced us to go to the hospital.
We waited 30 minutes just to see the EMT, that checked my vital signs. It was now 8:30. That is when we called Jonathon. He is the real hero in this story because he took Preston home and got him in bed a reasonable hour. We were still going to be at the hospital for at least another 1 1/2 more hours.
Anyway, I finally got some prescription strength Benadryll directly into my vain and I felt like I was floating. Now, I never have had alcohol but this is what I think it would be like if I were tipsy except for I was extremely tired. Thankfully, the medicine worked and slowly my body was getting back to normal. After being checked out and $50 later, we were on our way home where I went directly to bed. I did not hear Dallin come to bed or anything. This morning when I woke, I felt a whole lot better and was ready for that never happen again. I am not sure what cause this all to happen and I will probably never find out but I am sure happy it is over and Preston got to bed close to his bedtime.